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FluffyApp is an online storage tool designed to keep and share any file or link from an account created on My CloudApp. You have direct access to that account through your desktop toolbar.

My CloudApp is a Cloud service that stores files and URLs that you need by classifying and separating them as images, documents, bookmarks, audio or video. This makes for very easy organization.

Thanks to FluffyApp, you can upload files to your account from your desktop by dragging them to the icon on the System Tray so that they will upload automatically to My CloudApp.

With this program, you are able to share files very quickly and easily. The program is therefore very useful for anyone who wants to share files without wasting too much time.

In addition, the application includes a URL shortener so that you can share websites and links to files with whomever you want.

- The free version only allows for ten uploads per day, with a maximum file size of 25MB.

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